Port of Everett Construction Update: Fishermen’s Harbor Plaza

Emerging from the pier are the public spaces at the Port of Everett Fishermen’s Harbor. Fishermen’s Harbor is in Phase One of the open space construction which includes a plaza, a community spray pool, and a wooden overlook. Phase One also includes the construction of a hotel, restaurant, and housing.

The open space is set to be completed by April. Join us at that time for a pint at Scuttlebutts – a good beer less than a 100 yards from the plaza.

Globe at Fishermen's Plaza - Port of Everett

The artist crafted globe illustrating the Port’s trading routes throughout the Pacific Ocean. Flags, seating, and a seat wall surround the globe, enlivening the plaza. In the background are the spray pool and the wooden overlook.


Port of Everett - Fishermen's Harbor Planting

Planting beds are filling up, bollards and light poles are in the ground.


Port of Everett - Fishermen's Harbor Viewing Deck

The completed railing and wooden deck offers views across the South Marina.


Port of Everett - Fishermen's Harbor Spray Pool

A close-up of the Spray Pool.