Forrest Jammer
Project Manager

Forrest Jammer was born into a family whose ancestors farmed on two continents, instilling in him a natural connection to the soil. Forrest’s work has been immersed in the natural landscape, first working at a nursery then in various roles for landscape companies, and now in landscape architecture.

Forrest’s professional experience includes mixed use, military, education and commercial housing projects between the Puget Sound and Bend, Oregon. With 31-years of experience in the field and in the office, Forrest is inspired to create sustainable spaces to impact the users that experience them. Forrest has maintained a curious outlook on approaching his career, engaging stakeholders creatively to work through issues and resolve conflicts. His love of face-to-face interaction brings about project solutions through personal connection.

Forrest is interested in traditional and new technologies for irrigation water management, soil composition and how to improve it, and is a self-described compost cheerleader. He’s presented at the King County Solid Waste Organics Summit 2019, at the Cedar Grove Soils Summit in 2019, and participated in the Cedar Grove City Soils LA Seminars.

Community activism is important to Forrest. He’s a board member of the Coal Creek YMCA and co-founded their community garden, and he’s served as a delegate of the Greater Seattle YMCA in partnership with the Shanghai, China YMCA. Forrest enjoys woodworking, designing site furniture, playing music, and family time.


Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture, Ohio State University
Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA)