Having a Field Day!

At Cascade Design Collaborative, we love designing sports fields! This fits with our passion for getting people to move in the great outdoors, including ourselves.

Our most recent field opening is at the new Seattle Public School’s campus in the Licton Springs Neighborhood, which co-locates Cascadia Elementary and Robert Eagle Staff Middle School / Licton Springs K-8. At the center of the campus is a synthetic turf field with cork infill. A walking track surrounds the softball and baseball fields which also serves as a practice football, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee destination for community athletics.

Our new field projects include the Lakewood School District baseball and softball field replacements, and Seattle Parks’ Ballard Playground Field Improvement Project for two softball infields and other park improvements.

Folks have been interested in cork as an emerging technology, as it keeps the fields cooler for the athletes and is a natural product more sustainable than the rubber infill due to the environmental impact of rubber infill manufacture. Cork can also be recycled as mulch for landscape use. Downsides of cork include the inability to plow the fields in the event of snow, which is a small probability here in Seattle. At this point, scientific data regarding the safety of infill materials is inconclusive or in process, so the infill material choice is a matter of preference that will have to be teased out for these projects.

If this is of interest to you, we’d be happy to geek out with you about sports fields. There’s more than one topic to discuss at the water cooler. Give us a call…or better yet, let’s go out and play ball!