Eric Presents at the International Making Cities Livable Conference in Ottawa, Canada

Eric Schmidt Eric Schmidt, AICP, RLA, Architect and Vice President of CDC will present a paper on Sustainable/Resilient Street Design at the 55th International Making Cities Livable Conference in Ottawa, Canada, May 14th-18th, 2018.

Eric will discuss how CDC’s award-winning street designs, Park Lane in Kirkland and Pendleton Multi-way Boulevard at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, are perfect street typologies for creating a “green street framework” that fosters Healthy 10-Minute Neighborhoods (the topic of the conference). CDC’s hybrid Woonerf (Park Lane) and multi-way boulevard (Pendleton) design concepts for a “green street framework” build upon the “Barcelona Super-blocks” concept presented in 2017 by Deputy Mayor Janet Sanchez of Barcelona at the 54th Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both Park Lane and Pendleton are sustainable and resilient streets that create a framework for supporting the 100-Resilient Cities movement established by the Rockefeller Foundation.